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An Accelerated Commercial Pilot Program
Earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument, Multiengine and Second-in-Command ratings in our Zero-to-Jet Program. Demand is incredibly high for pilots right now, this is your chance to receive your ratings and move quickly through an accelerated Commercial Pilot course.

High Altitude Endorsement

Complete training on high altitude flight characteristics, aerodynamics, and risks associated with high altitude operations.

High Performance Endorsement

All the requirements on high performance airplanes, limits limitation and risks, special empathizes to aerodynamic factors related to left turning tendencies.

Complex Endorsement

A complex aircraft is defined as any aircraft that possesses flaps, retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller(s).

Expand your Opportunities

All inclusive program with CSEL CMEL and SIC Citation
The first step in our Zero to Jet program is getting your PPL (Private Pilots License).
Next you'll move on to receive your IFR
After IFR you will receive your Commercial Pilots License
Lastly, you will receive your training in Multi and SIC

Explore our Advanced Simulator

Advanced Training Device (ATD)

SkyBlue Jet Aviation owns and operates a six-axis full motion Cessna Citation 550 ATD at our training headquarters in Stuart, Florida.

This aircraft type-specific level 3 ATD was specifically designed from the ground up for the Citation aircraft type rating courses. This allows our instructors to expand on a unique, real world simulation in aircraft training experience. It also allows for instruction for cockpit resource management (CRM) and simulates emergencies and flight conditions that are impossible to safely duplicate in the real aircraft.


Specializing in advanced aircraft type rating training for the Cessna Citation, as well as professional aircraft courses to aspiring professional corporate pilots and crewmembers.
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Full-motion base accurately and precisely simulates physical flight characteristics. 

LCD Mosaic

Visual Display that has a panoramic high-resolution external display with a worldwide airport and topographical database.

Laminar Flight Modeling

One of the most important elements in type-specific flight training is the quality and flexibility of the aerodynamic model.

Corporate Aviation Instructors

All with exceptional aviation backgrounds and extensive real-world experience in the aircraft they instruct in.
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