Zero to Jet Experience

This program allows our students to gain confidence in the pilot’s seat with a flight instructor who genuinely wants to see their student succeed. Chase is one of our Zero to Jet students and he has shared a few comments about his experience with the program. “It is amazing, learning something new every day and progressing further and further makes it very rewarding. The SkyBlue team has been amazing and very friendly. Nicole is an amazing instructor, and I am very glad to have been paired with her”.

Chase also added, the most challenging part about the program has been, “The ground school can be very overwhelming at times, but I continued to push through it and get it done. Nicole was always there to answer my questions and send me helpful reference material when needed”.

Chase’s favorite memory is, “The first time I soloed I didn’t know it was going to happen that day. We did a few laps in the pattern and all was going well. When I landed to taxi back Nicole said ‘stop the plane I’m going to hop out’ I thought she was joking. She was not joking; I stopped the plane she hopped out and I did 3 TOL’s in the pattern solo. Flying solo the first time gave me a huge boost of confidence and made me fall in love with flying all over again”.

Nicole, our flight instructor, had this to say about her student. “Chase has been an ideal candidate for the Zero to Jet Program. He is highly motivated, very receptive to feedback, and a little bit of a goofball. I look forward to flying with him every day and watching him progress. It’s been really exciting for me to watch him from start to finish and see how far he’s come in just 6 short weeks. He reminds me of myself a little bit and I look forward to continuing his flight training. We joke around that, maybe we will end up flying corporate charters together in the future! Although we take his flight training seriously, we sure do have fun while we’re at it. During Chase’s cross-country solo training, he could’ve flown to a multitude of airports in the area, but he decided it would be fun to participate in a fly event near Tampa, for Taco Tuesday. Also, during our dual training flight to Taco Tuesday, he discovered the airplane’s Bluetooth and Chase started blasting Pepas and we couldn’t stop laughing, it was a great time!”

We look forward to seeing chase succeed in the zero-to-jet training and fulfilling his dream of flying jets and eventually move into the airlines.

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