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 "Tomas Bueno, Thank you for a great experience at SkyBlue. I enjoyed meeting all of you and Bill was an excellent instructor who not only taught me a lot about the C500 series Cessnas but also gave me a lot of "real world" insight as to what it takes to successfully operate a jet airplane. As a low time pilot this was a welcome addition to the advertised curriculum. Of course, successfully completing the check ride was the icing on the cake and it was sweet" September 8th 2013 -  Louis N. Vinios JPA Management LLC

"Tommy & Mark, THANKS HEAPS for a fun and educational week. Learned a huge amount. Thanks again" "C U next December for recurrent training – or what I am now calling recurrent failure training – seeing how many things you can fail simultaneously in one session and still land the plane!" Dr Guy Hingston

"Tomas is an outstanding professional pilot and great aviator. He is a loyal and highly motivated pilot that will be a great addition to any flight operation. As a FAA Pilot Examiner, B-777 flight officer and Instructor pilot and former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot I recommend him highly." September 27, 2009  Bob Raskey B-777 Pilot Special Project Team (FlyWize Technology) at United Airlines- FAA Pilot Examiner - USAF F-16/HC-130 Pilot at USAF - Board of Trustees (Alumni Representative) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

“Tomas is someone who displays a professional work ethic and relationship to and with customers that is rare these days. While providing the assets of professional pilot, at the same time is someone who makes others feel at home and relaxed while in his care. I am proud to know him as friend and business professional.”  Mark Kinkead, Chief Pilot, Fine Light (business partner)

“Tomas is a great pilot to know. As a business and airplane manager, he has all the tools to help you or your company get things done. His attention to detail and personality make a great asset to any company. If he cannot help you himself, he knows or will find the person that can.” Andrew Nolan , Flight Department Manager/Pilot, Island One Resorts (business partner) 

“Tomas and I flew together when he was a contract Pilot in the Citation. I observed Tomas's perform his duties and responsibilities thru all aspects of flight from terminal departure across the Oceanic and Enroute domains. His judgement and knowledge of all aspects of aviation regulations were excellent. I look forward to his continued success as a pilot in command.” John Benson, Deputy Director, Office of Information Systems Security, Federal Aviation Administration 

“Tomas was my flight instructor and checked me out on numerous aircraft. Flight training can be a stressful experience, you do numerous scary maneuvers in aircraft you have little time in while trying to learn numerous new bits of information. I enjoyed flying with Thomas because of his laid back, personable attitude. He made training easier for me and allowed me to concentrate on the important things - flying the plane and passing the course. On a personal level it was a pleasure to spend time with him during the time between flights and on long cross countries.” Toby Unwin - Chairman at Municipal Guarantee Fund

"Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity" John Will Tenney PEO Pros 

“Mr. Tomas Bueno is a very professional person. He is detailed and very customer orientated. He would be a asset to anyone's team.” Laurie Salamone , Market Research / Sales, JETNET LLC 

“Tomas is an exceptional individual and takes care of business. He is always ready to take a phone call at any time and gets an order out as fast as anyone. I highly recommend Tomas and his company. David Lee - Director of Operation Empire Airways” September 9, 2009

“Thomas is a can do will do person who always had a great attitude. He is also very timely and always conformed to my strict schedule.” September 14, 2009  Clayton Erhard VP Operations at ICS ( Integrated Commrecial Solutions, Inc.)

“Tomas did an exceptional job flying a Challenger from Boca to the paint shop in Arkansas. Under less than ideal circumstances his experience and skill contributed to a successful outcome.” September 29, 2010 - Howard P Smith CEO at SmithJet Avaition Check Airman Lanmar Aviation

“Very professional and an asset to work with.” October 1, 2010 Robert Frangione - Captain Hollywood Jet Management

“Thomas is a very professional aviator, Having flown with him in the past, I recommend him not only because of his thoroughness and experience as a pilot, but also because he is a very trustworthy and reliable individual who is very passionate and dedicated to his career and flying.” January 14, 2010 Martin Rodriguez - Head of Finance at Mundas Inc.

"I've known and worked with Thomas for over 15 years, he is a highly skilled pilot that also has a working knowledge of many of the aircraft system operations on the many different aircraft that he flys and manages" Mike Leahy - Avionics Supervisor Orlando SC at Cessna Aircraft Company 

"I have know Tomas for about five years, in those years I have had the pleasure of seeing his professional and responsible manner of working with people. As you know in today's market it is very important to have the kind of person that will be part of the team and look for avenues insuring a pleasurable experience for the customer. What a great guy to work with and know" Linda Hernandez - Director Customer Relationships at Boca Aviation 

"I have known and used Tomas as a Contract Pilot for several years. He has always made himself available when we needed him. Tomas has the highest of integrity, and has always had positive feedback from everyone we have needed him for. He is always my first choice of Pilots when in need. Tomas has my highest recommendations" Tim Cain - Supervisor Sales & Marketing at Cessna Aircraft Company 

"Our company has hired Tomas Bueno on several occasions to serve as a crew member of our corporate jet. He was very professional, easy to work with, great attitude, and a strong commitment to get the job done right! " Tommy Bagwell

"Tomas Bueno is a true professional at anything he does. I owe my many upgrades in learning, in regards to avaition to Mr. Bueno" Mike Mackenzie CEO at Vision of Flight Program

"Tomas is a man of his word, easy to work with and very professional. I highly recommend doing business with him" Mariano Guerrero - President Global Max Entreprises

"Thanks for the opportunity to say good stuff about IGT & Tomas. I worked online & on the phone with great results, very reasonable cost and equal results. I'm very pleased & will be using them again. I also have referred others. They were able to provide services that others were charging additional fees for plus their final product was of good quality and meet my needs in my budget" Ed Thomson - Owner Thompson Photography