Support and Crew Services

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Support and Crew Services

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SkyBlue Jet Aviation is a recognized aviation leader in providing flight crews to flight departments and aircraft owners. We specialize on Citation aircraft, particularly the CE500, CE525 and CE650 series.

SkyBlue Jet Aviation offers a full range of staffing options for full time, part-time, or contract assignments for corporate pilots and cabin attendants.

Our crews are typed and current in a variety of aircraft, and have extensive experience operating in the business aircraft environment.

Each crew member has been specifically chosen based on their qualifications, professionalism, safety record, attention to detail, and an understanding of the passengers needs.

SkyBlue Jet Aviation also offers specialized flight crews for aircraft ferry, relocation, return to service, or delivery flights.

The crews are specially trained to fly aircraft with special flight permits or under special conditions either domestically or internationally. 

Our flight crews are also experienced in delivering aircraft to foreign countries, and they are authorized to fly internationally in IRVSM, MNPS, and RNP airspace.

Whether your needs call for PIC or SIC staffing, SkyBlue Jet Aviation can provide crews for the following growing list of Citation aircraft: Citation 500, 510, 550, 551, 525 (CJ Series), 650 (III/VII).

All of our professional services are offered within the highest industry standards. Please give us a call to discuss your needs; we look forward to being of service!