Jet Transition Course


Jet Transition Course for Corporate Pilots

The purpose of the Jet transition course is to assist a pilot who only has experience in piston driven aircraft to advance to jet aircraft, eventually leading to a full type rating course.  It will also expose the pilot to the fast pace of a professional training program and increases the chances of succeeding when going through initial training. Another major benefit is this course prepares the pilot for transition from flying single-pilot to operating an aircraft in a crew environment.   

Course entry requirements:

Private or Commercial Pilot License       

Multi-Engine Class Rating    

Instrument Airplane Rating  

Training course:  

Aircraft training materials 

Ground training   

Simulator and in aircraft training 

Computer based training       

Jet orientation training       

Pre and post briefing  

Simulator and in aircraft training         

Non-Aircraft Specific Training:  

High altitude aerodynamics    

High speed aerodynamics        

Performance and limitations     

Weight and balance            

Crew Resource Management (CRM)            

Use of radar          

Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS)            

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)  

Extended Twin Engine over water Operations (ETOPS)  

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM)            

Flight Management Systems (FMS)            

Autopilot, automation, and FMC Flight planning      

Flight Maneuvers: 


Normal jet aircraft operations     


Steep turns                   

Stalls entry and recovery             


Instrument and visual approaches             

Line oriented flight training             

System failures            

Engine failures             

Autopilot and automated Flight   

Flight Management Systems     

Standard call outs and checklists   

Multi crew operations and crew resource management        

All training is completed in an FAA approved full motion simulator for the Cessna Citation, and in the actual aircraft. Upon completion of this course, SkyBlue Jet Aviation will issue a training record, SIC Type rating logbook endorsement, and graduation certificate. All training is completed with FAA authorized instructors in FAA approved simulators and in actual aircraft, therefore all training can be logged and counted towards FAA licenses and ratings.