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Comprehensive, Insurance-approved Cessna Citation flight training for full Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command type rating courses. Please see the button to see an example of our course syllabus
SkyBlue Jet Aviation is both Part 61 and Part 141 Flight School, we use an accelerated, thorough, and personalized training scenario based on your Citation experience to meet or exceed FAA and insurance requirements.

Use our aircraft or yours for your Cessna Citation Jet course that combines both Simulator and In-aircraft training for a comprehensive experience.

Sky Blue Jet Aviation is the proud holder and can issue Single-Pilot Exemptions for the CE-500 series of aircraft. We hold FAA LOA No. 18513.

Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command type rating courses 

Initial and Recurrent, designed for the following series aircraft:
CE-500, CE-550, CE-560, V, Ultra, Ultra + Encore, Encore +
CE-510, CE-510S
CE-525, CE-525S, CJ, CJ1,2,2+,3,3+4
Part 61 Train To Proficiency (TTP) Or Part 141 Programs To Suit Your Needs.
Type rating for Cessna
Citation 500 series, 510 and 525 series and CE-650.
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Courses Are Taught As A 'Hybrid" Course Where We Combine Training In The Simulator And Pilots Take The Checkride In The Aircraft.
Type rating: Initial pilot in command (PIC), Initial second in command (SIC) and recurrent. Upgrade SIC to PIC.
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We Offer Citation CE-500 Series, CE-525 Series, Citation 650 Initial, And Recurrent Type Ratings. We Also Offer SIC Type Ratings In All The Above Aircraft.
SkyBlue offers the Single Pilot Letter of Approval LOA for pilots desiring to fly the CE-500 series as a single pilot.
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Why choose SkyBlue for Jet Training?

Accelerated Training

100% Guarantee


Local Team

Powerfull Infrastructure

SkyBlue also provides part-135 training services, including aircraft specific checks. We have training center evaluators and check airman on staff and will work with operators towards approval of SkyBlue as your training and checking provider. Please contact us for more information.

5 day course with Insurance approval for all students.

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FAA Regulation Satisfactions

FARs Satisfied w/REC/INT

61.56 Flight Review
61.57 (a) Landing Recency
61.57 (b) Night Landing Recency
61.57 (c) Instrument Recency
61.57 (d) IPC
61.58 PIC Type ride
6158 Single Pilot PIC Type Rides
6155 SIC Type Ride

Recurrent Type Rating Program Hours

Ground School - 22 hrs
Brief / Debrief  - 9 hrs
Simulator - 10 hrs
Check Ride - 2 hrs

Prerequisite for initial type rating

Private or Commercial
Instrument Rating

Explore our Advanced Simulator

Advanced Training Device (ATD)

SkyBlue Jet Aviation owns and operates a six-axis full motion Cessna Citation 550 ATD at our training headquarters in Stuart, Florida.

This aircraft type-specific level 3 AATD was specifically designed from the ground up for the Citation aircraft type rating courses. This allows our instructors to expand on a unique, real world simulation in aircraft training experience. It also allows for instruction for cockpit resource management (CRM) and simulates emergencies and flight conditions that are impossible to safely duplicate in the real aircraft.


Specializing in advanced aircraft type rating training for the Cessna Citation, as well as professional aircraft courses to aspiring professional corporate pilots and crewmembers.
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Full-motion base accurately and precisely simulates physical flight characteristics. 

LCD Mosaic

Visual Display that has a panoramic high-resolution external display with a worldwide airport and topographical database.

Laminar Flight Modeling

One of the most important elements in type-specific flight training is the quality and flexibility of the aerodynamic model.

Corporate and Airline Instructors

All with exceptional aviation backgrounds and extensive real-world experience in the aircraft they instruct in.

Advanced Training Device features and benefits

FAA and Insurance Industry approved training programs and devices
Accelerated three day recurrent program with home study
Accelerated Five day Initial program with home study
Training tailored to your schedule
Turbine Transition Course
Auto Pilot and GPS equipped simulators
Experienced simulator/Flight instructors with thousands of hours of flight time
Training tailored to student specific requirements or needs
Second pilot at reduced rate
Train and check ride in actual aircraft
Practice in full motion simulator
Discounted company multi student rates
Train To Proficiency training (TTP)

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