Insurance Approval

Standards for initial, upgrade, and recurrent type rating flight training are driven just as much by the aviation insurance underwriters as they are by the FAA. These insurance underwriters are mandating that as much flight training as possible takes place in simulators and flight training devices rather than the actual aircraft. Training in aircraft type specific simulation devices is safer, and is sometimes more efficient and more effective than training in the actual aircraft.

SkyBlue Jet Aviation offers the combination of training between the simulator and the aircraft. The training on normal operations, instrument approaches, and abnormal and emergency procedures is completed in the simulator. Upon completion of the simulator sessions, the required FAA check-ride maneuvers are reviewed during a flight in the actual aircraft. Thereafter, the type rating check-ride is conducted in the aircraft. This training philosophy allows the applicant the maximum exposure of the flight characteristics of the aircraft during take-off, flight and especially during landings while allowing the emergency procedures to be safely completed in the simulator. 

The insurance companies and underwriters like this combined training philosophy since the pilot is better prepared and has more aircraft experience after the flight training is completed in comparison when doing the type rating in a simulator only.  

SkyBlue Jet Aviation is well received among the vast majority of underwritters. 

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