Full Motion Flight Simulator

Our full motion sim:


SkyBlue Jet Aviation Citation Flight Simulator

SkyBlue Jet Aviation owns a six-axis full motion Cessna Citation simulation device for its Citation courses. This aircraft type-specific simulation device was specifically designed from the ground up for the Citation aircraft type rating courses. This allows our instructors to expand on a unique, real world simulation in aircraft training experience. It also allows for instruction for cockpit resource management (CRM) and simulate emergencies and flight conditions that are impossible to safely duplicate in the real aircraft.

Our Simulator is available for:

-Specific Type rating Courses.

-Instrument proficiency and Instrument Proficiency checks.

-Refresher Courses.

-Hourly Rental to refresh emergency procedures. 

-Our simulator is often rented hourly to third party companies to provide the in-depth training on emergency procedures only a simulator can offer.

Actual Citation Flight Deck


Built by Fidelity Flight Simulation from  a decommissioned airplane (CE550)

As real as it gets! (other than actually flying:)


Either  a type ride  or simply a few IFR hours, come to SkyBlue to build on your proficiency