Initial PIC Type Rating


Citation 500, 510, 525 and 650 Series Initial Pilot in Command Course (Simulator and In-aircraft)

SkyBlue Jet Aviation offers full Pilot in Command type rating courses  designed specifically for the Citation CE500, CE510, CE525 and CE650 Series aircraft.

What sets SkyBlue apart from our competition is our utilization of both of simulator and in-aircraft training, combined with individualized training and highly qualified and type rated instructors.

This type rating course leads to the Pilot in Command type rating, which will be added to your FAA Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot license. 

When you would like to fly the aircraft as a single-pilot, SkyBlue Jet Aviation can issue a single pilot exemption for the Citation 500 series, and single a pilot type rating for the CE510 and CE525 Series

Course entry requirements:

     ● Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License

     ● Multi-Engine Class Rating

     ● Instrument Airplane Rating

Aircraft covered by this each type rating:

Citation 500 series: 

Citation 500, Citation 501, Citation 550, Citation 551, Citation S550, Citation 560, Citation V, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Bravo    

Citation 510:

Citation Mustang

Citation 525 series:

CE-525: Citation Jet CJ, Citation CJ1, Citation Jet CJ1+ Citation M2

CE-525A: Citation CJ2 and Citation CJ2+

CE-525B: Citation CJ3 

CE-525C: Citation CJ4 

Citation 650:

Citation III, VI, VII

Training course includes:

     ● Aircraft training materials

               • Manuals (Aircraft and systems manual, training manual, weight and balance)

               • Cockpit familiarization posters

               • Checklists

     ● Custom tailored ground training

     ● Simulator training

     ● Practical aircraft training

     ● Type rating check-ride preparation


 Duration of training

     ● Pilot in Command Type Rating Course: 5 days 


Training outline:

     Ground training

          • Systems training 

          • Performance and limitations

          • Weight and Balance

          • Aircraft flight deck pre-flight and preparation

          • Aircraft external pre-flight and walk-around

          • Aircraft cockpit procedures

          • Checklist usage

               • Normal operations

               • Abnormal operations

               • Emergency operations

          • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

          • Autopilot, automation, and FMC

          • Flight planning

     Aircraft training:    

          • Take-off 

          • Normal jet aircraft operations

          • Maneuvering 

               • Steep turns

               • Stall entry and recovery

          • Landings

          • Instrument and visual approaches

               • Precision approaches

               • Non-precision approaches

               • Circle to land

               • Visual approaches

               • Failures

               • Engine failures

               • System failures

               • Go-around / missed approaches

               • Multi crew operations and crew resource management

This type rating course meets the FAA Type Ratings practical standards (which is the same as the ATP practical test standards). Upon completion of the practical test, a Pilot in Command type rating (for PIC type rating) will be added to your FAA license. Since the practical test and check-ride is completed in the aircraft, there will be not be any restrictions on your license as the check ride  is completed in the actual airplane.