Aircraft Acquisitions

Introduction to our program

Selecting a business jet and managing the purchase process is a challenging and complex task. It requires ample knowledge and a collaborative effort to successfully bring all aspects of the transaction together.

SkyBlue offers professional business jet acquisition services in which we act as a Buyer's Agent, providing the expertise required to reduce the risk of aircraft ownership and making the business jet acquisition process easier and enjoyable for our Buyers.

Your are in the market for a business jet, you want to optimize your investment by making an objective long-term decision. Now you want to move ahead. To excel at the next level. To become a business jet owner by buying or adding a new aircraft to your portfolio.

SkyBlue will provide you with the tools, confidence, and objectivity to make it happen. Our SBBRP is a comprehensive, aviation buying experience that emphasizes a business jet ownership perspective.

Why SkyBlue buyer representation program?

Why SBBRP? In a nutshell…

we not only consider price but we also look at the big picture
Objective decision making.
Access to the complete fleet.
Analytics backing-up our process.
Easy and enjoyable experience for Buyers.
Flat fee structure.

Factors we consider on our SBBRP

Maintenance history.
Age of the airplane.
Status of inspection and projected inspection cost.
Value of engine and airframe programs.
Pre-purchase inspection.

Factors that set’s us apart

By working with a flat fee structure, we eliminate the traditional conflict of interest a broker has as our goal is to get "the best buy for the buck”.

As your buyer representative, we do not only look at the airplanes listed on the market, but also we create off market opportunities by contacting most owners of a particular model.
We analyze your mission needs to identify the best type of airplane for your needs and wants.

Complete solution provider with the ability of bringing together the tax advisors, legal counsel and aviation department to successfully complete such high value acquisition.
We specialize in corporate jets and turboprops.

High qualified team with ample aviation and management experience.

We have the ability to train your crew in our own flight school.

The Process

Proposal: Tailored to your needs and wants.

Agreement: A memorandum of understanding spelling the terms.

Phase I: Screening and selecting the best alternatives.

Phase II: Negotiate the terms with the seller.

Phase III: Logbooks & aircraft inspection prior to pre-purchase.

Phase IV: Negotiate and oversee pre-purchase inspection.

Phase V: Closing the transaction.

Phase VI: Congratulations, you now own a business jet.

Let’s close the deal

By this moment you are convinced of undertaking the challenge of owning a business jet. Allow SkyBlue guide you through this exciting process and let us turn this “idea” into “real action” by representing you during this transaction.

The team

Tomas Bueno

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Capicotti

CFI/CFII/MEI/ATP Jet Instructor

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