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SkyBlue Jet Aviation is an aviation company specializing in advanced aircraft training, Aircraft Management, Crewing, and overall consulting.  SkyBlue Jet Aviation was founded and established to provide the best aviation training available and to have our graduates be safe and proficient aviators, not only in aircraft knowledge and system understanding, but in handling and flying an aircraft as well. SkyBlue Jet Aviation tailors either to the pilot who just finished basic flight training and wants to progress into a professional corporate aviation flying career, or to the owners of jet aircraft who desire personalized training that can be completed in a short time span or on a personalized schedule. Pilots with previous jet experience who would like to add another type rating can take advantage of the personalized approach to finish the training in a couple of days. 

The founders of the company realized that many good pilots were lacking success as aviators due to the unavailability of personalized training programs.  They decided to provide the aircraft training services to prepare the low time pilot to fly a jet aircraft, and to provide personalized training options to those with prior experience.

The main reason for the inception of SkyBlue Jet Aviation was to set itself apart from other training providers and career advisors. We provide each of our customers the tools, training, ratings, certifications, knowledge, and assistance, to not just be eligible, but to fly a jet aircraft safely as a proficient jet pilot. 

To be able to deliver this kind of service, all the team members at SkyBlue Jet Aviation are aviation professionals with many years of experience in aircraft and crew management, corporate and business aviation, and/or advanced professional  flight training. The team members instructing the corporate aircraft type ratings, all have extensive experience with big corporate flight departments or charter operations. They currently hold or are retired from positions such as chief pilot, director of operations, or manager of training before they joined our team.

SkyBlue Jet Aviation prides itself in only hiring and employing the best this aviation industry has to offer, and that allows us to provide excellent top-tiered advanced professional flight training. Having such an excellent professional team benefits our graduates and customers, and allows our clients to be fully prepared for the FAA check-ride.

SkyBlue Jet Aviation's professional team brings years of aviation experience with the highest integrity and on-time performance. We continue to build long term relationships with our clients and have an unsurpassed reputation for professional services, product knowledge, and commitment to customer service and satisfaction. 


Tomas Bueno - President - FAA Desiganted Pilot Proficiency Examiner

Tomas’s background as owner and director of various organizations both in aviation and outside our industry, and with his skills as a professional pilot and advanced aircraft instructor, combined with his managerial and organizational skills, he makes of a very valuable asset to our organization. 

As a pilot he has accumulated more than 15,000 hours on airplanes. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and several instructor ratings (CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI), including a Gold Seal award by the FAA and a Designation as Pilot Proficiency Examiner.

He holds several type ratings on Turbine Powered Aircraft to include Gulfstream VI (650), Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream III, Gulfstr​​eam II, Challenger 600, 601, 604 & 605 Citation 650 (III, VI and VII) Citation 525S  (all CJ series single pilot) Citation 500 (Single pilot certified on all 500 501 550 551 560 series) Citation 510 (Mustang) and Helicopters.

Tomas has been Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for several different large companies in the aviation industry. With his corporate background, managerial skills and marketing experience, Tomas is a great asset to our organization.


Mark Lehmann - Director of Operations and Training Coordinator

Mark’s aviation background spans over 30 years in the industry. A licensed pilot, he worked previously in the FBO business as General Manager of two prominent FBO chains, and more recently as the Operations Manager of a 5 aircraft corporate flight department. His background gives him a unique perspective as both a provider and user of a myriad of business aviation services, including fuel procurement, crew staffing, aircraft scheduling and maintenance, and hangar leasing. He has strong organizational skills and an attention to detail that SkyBlue Jet Aviation clients have come to consistently rely upon.


Heather Jordan - Chief Flight Instructor

In addition to her bachelor of science in biology and MBA, Heather holds an airline transport pilot certificate on the Citation 500, 525 and 650 series as well as the Challenger 604 and 605 as well as CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings. She holds a commercial certificate for single-engine land and sea, and gliders. Heather's aviation background includes Chief Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, and General Manager for several aviation companies. With over 40000 hours in airplanes and over 1300 hours of instruction given she is a great asset to the company


Joe Capicotti - Senior Instructor

Joe’s love of Aviation began at an early age. After his first solo in 1977, he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He graduated with 

A Bachelor in Aeronautical Science, Associate in Aeronautical Studies and Associate in Aviation Management. His certificates include ATP multi engine land, CFI, CFII, MEI, Turbojet Flight Engineer, and Ground Instructor.  

His Career includes: Instruction, Charter Pilot, Personal Pilot for Pro-Golfer Jack Nicklaus, Boeing 727 pilot and Instructor for two major airlines and presently Chief Pilot for a medical firm and instructor for Skyblue Jet Training. His love of speed also translated onto the ground as a knee dragging Pro Superbike racer which included running the Daytona 200.  

He has accumulated over 8000hrs in airplanes and is typed in the Citation 500 series along with Sabreliner 40, 60, 65, 75 and 80 aircraft.​


Allan White - Senior Instructor

Al’s flying career began at a young age at the University of Michigan Aero Club.  He quickly obtained his private, commercial and instrument ratings.  His primary training was in tail tragger aircraft with basic aerobatic training in the Stearman.  He obtained his CFI when he was twenty two years old, and began instructing at the Cessna School located at Detroit Metro Airport.  It was there that Al met some ex-military pilots flying the fairly new Lear Jets at that time.  They convinced Al to enter the military to further enhance his love for flying.  This changed Al’s life as he began a lifelong pursuit of professional aviation.  

After initial military flight training, Al chose the then new C-9A (DC-9) aircraft to accumulate flying experience in with an eye towards eventually becoming a professional airline pilot.  Al served five years on Active Duty, and than opted to join the Associated Air Force Reserve Unit and continue flying the C-9A as a Reservist.  Shortly thereafter, Al was hired by Delta Airlines and had a successful twenty-eight year career.  He concurrently maintained his Air Force Reserve Status and served with the United States Air Force Reserves for another seventeen years.   Al retired as a Lt Colonel with over twenty two years of total military service.  While a pilot for Delta, Al flew most every aircraft they had with Captain type ratings in the DC-9 (MD88), B757/B767, and the B767-400.

Once retired from Delta Airlines, Al began flying the various corporate type aircraft.  He flew extensively overseas for almost five years for a large sales company primarily serving as a demo pilot for the Bombardier aircraft CL604, CL605, and the BD700 Global Express.  Al currently holds type ratings on the CL600, CL601, CL604, CL605, BD700, GIV, DA50, DA10, HS125, CE500, CE525S, DC9, B757, B767.  He has amassed more then 23000 hours of flight time and joking says ‘I just quit logging it as I ran out of space’.